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Review: Justice League

I’m a huge DC fanboy, but I promise I’m really trying to put my bias in check. I have some negatives and positives in mind to discuss. I’ll go through them again quickly at the end, so if you want a quick review, skip to the bottom.

The villain was nothing special, but he served his purpose: to unite the league, and that’s the strength of the movie. I’m sure we all want to see a strong villain with gravitas that really rustles our jimmies, but if we’re being honest, most superhero movies are missing that. I wasn’t that disappointed.

Sometimes the CGI was unconvincing, but overall it wasn’t bad. I think I only noticed Superman’s CGI jaw because I was looking for it. Someone I went with didn’t even notice it, but they noticed some small flaws in Cyborgs robotics.

I think the movie was too short. Some of the cuts were obvious, and while I don’t think anything was severely lacking, more could have been done.

The strength of this movie is the league members themselves. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg are all very well acted and have a lot of chemistry with each other. Each of them was the best part of the movie. It’s hard for me to pick a standout performance, because they all did so well, but I’ll just say that Superman was portrayed perfectly this time around.

A good job is done of balancing humor and seriousness in this film, considering previous entries in the franchise.

Several cameo exist in the film, but I’m only going to explore the generally known ones to avoid spoilers. Some of them are really great and warrant firsthand experience, so look forward to that. Jim Gordon and Mera are two cameos that are worth talking about. J.K. Simmons portrayal of Gordon, although brief, lept right off the pages of the comic books. He looked and felt just like the character. We’ll be seeing more of him for sure. Seeing Mera, again very briefly, was a nice moment. The character was portrayed very naturally and believable. Not a lot can be gleamed from so little screen time but I’m extremely optimistic. I’m confident Aquaman will be an early Christmas present next year.

Overall, I was very pleased with this movie. I think your enjoyment of Justice League will ultimately depends on how you feel about director Zach Snyder’s approach to cinematography and story telling. It’s a subjective choice. Snyder takes his time developing a plot and his cinematography is very colorful (of lack of) and dramatic. I like it because his movies feel like comic books, but it doesn’t hold the attention of most. All of that considered, I think this is the easiest Snyder superhero film to enjoy. This film also created major hype for me. I’m even more excited for future entries, especially anything to do with Wonder Woman or the Flash.


– One-dimensional villain
– Spotty CGI
– Too short


+ Great casting
+ Good tone
+ Well placed cameos

At the end of the day, Justice League was good, but it was missing several things to make it great.