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Review: Thor: Ragnarok (AKA “Planet Thor”)

I recently brought up Thor: Ragnarok on the podcast, so I figured I’d share my findings here as well. Even though DC is my favorite, I LOVE the Marvel movies, so don’t think any negatives I have are out of spite. I’ll sum things up at the end if you want a quicker review.

With Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel finally got a Thor movie right. This is what a Thor movie should feel like. I’ve always wanted to like Thor as a character, but his previous two film outing have been pretty lackluster, in my opinion. This time around, the humor and all-around fun tone really fit the character and make him special.

The music was awesome and fit perfect, especially with inclusions such as “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin and “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Guardians of the Galaxy was the trend starter for this, and although I don’t want to see every movie copy this formula, it’s welcome in this film.

Hulk was by far my favorite part of this movie (that’s not hard, he’s my favorite MCU character). Every one of his scenes was pure gold. Hopefully Marvel can get the film rights for Hulk back from Universal Studios. Marvel’s attempts to include him in the MCU have been very successful, but I’m ready for more. Newcomer Korg was equally delightful and humorous. It just goes to show that improvisation can go a long way when you have the right director.

The film’s villain, Hela, is hastily introduced, as a result you don’t care about her, and the CGI on her made me more uncomfortable than covering up Superman’s mustache. It was her flaws that actually woke me up from my Marvel induced stupor and made me realize that this movie isn’t perfect. I think sometimes were so excited by what the MCU is and what its doing that we just take and eat up anything that Marvel throws at us. Marvel has really nailed a lot of their characters, and that’s where our excitement and Marvel’s successful comes from, seeing these characters again and again in new films and watching them grow. Unfortunately, they seem to still be working out the kinks in their villain formula. She was better than most attempts at least.

The entire time watching this movie I felt like it didn’t want to be about “Ragnarok” but it was already named that so it had to include a related plot. Everything about the gladiator plot is better and more entertaining than the rest of the movie and it fights for time with a vastly different and opposing Asgard plot-line. At the end of the movie you’re left with the realization that Thor: Ragnarok isn’t really about Ragnarok, and that was a letdown for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this movie, but couldn’t it have been split into two different films? Can I get a Ragnarok film with the drama and emotion that it deserves, instead of it being used as a glorified punchline? This movie should have been called “Planet Thor”.

Everything in this movie happens very fast, and because of it, some scenes that should have been full of emotion were sucked dry of it. I won’t go too far into detail as to avoid spoilers, but there are some subplots in this movie that are really mistreated by the pacing. Subplots that have been setup by previous films and just don’t get the gravitas and attention they deserve.


+ Fun
+ Music
+ Hulk & Korg


– Hela
– Film Identity Crisis
– Pacing

Thor: Ragnarok is highly entertaining, but flawed. I really liked it, yet I still have mixed feelings about its execution and resolution.