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Fantastic Fancast! – Could THAT Disney Prince Become A Superhero?

It’s official, Disney has just acquired various parts of 20th Century Fox, including film rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. This means they’re coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Soon, you’ll see Wolverine mouthing off to Captain America, The Thing and Hulk forming a fitting friendship, and perhaps Reed Richards brainstorming with Tony Stark. Those last two scenarios are particularly interesting because we have yet to see a worthy live action interpretation of the Fantastic Four, but it can’t be too far off now. In fact, I have some people in mind to portray Marvel’s first family in the MCU…

Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic: Richard Madden








I might have a totally platonic man crush on Richard Madden, but who wouldn’t? Besides that, there are a lot of good rational reasons for him to play Mr. Fantastic. First of all, he already has a Disney connection having played Prince Kit in the live action Cinderella. I also think he looks like a younger, but not too much younger, version of Reed Richards while maintaining that look of authority and wisdom. I can see Madden jelling really well with the rest of the actors in the MCU.

Susan Storm / The Invisible Woman: Alice Eve








The internet is clamoring for Alice Eve to play The Invisible Woman, and I agree. See looks perfect for the part, has a great personality, and fits exactly in the general age range of the rest of the actors in the MCU (I know I keep saying that about people, but its important, weirdly enough). You might or might not remember her from Men In Black 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and the episode “Nosedive” from Black Mirror.

Ben Grimm / The Thing: Dan Stevens

Of all my Fantastic Four castings, this one is my favorite, and the most likely. Dan Stevens played the Beast in Disney’s recent live action telling of Beauty and the Beast, so he’s already worked with Disney. Not only that, but because of this experience we know that he can do motion capture and create a good voice and personality for The Thing. Additionally, Stevens is a rising star in Hollywood, and Disney likes to snag those for their projects.

Johnny Storm / The Human Torch: Harrison Osterfield








This one is my “shot in the dark” casting. I haven’t seen him in anything, so I’m not sure of his acting prowess, but the reason I chose him is not only because he looks the part, but also because he’s Tom Holland’s best friend. Why is that important? In the comics, Spiderman and The Human Torch are very close friends, and I think it would be really fun for Marvel/Disney to capitalize on that. Also, he adds some youth to the team, and youth to the Marvel universe in general. Sue Storm’s little brother could be the rebellious little brother to the whole group.

Victor Von Doom / Dr. Doom: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau








Casting Dr. Doom will be a daunting task to say the least. I firmly believe he will be a top contender to replace Thanos as Marvel’s big looming threat when they eventually cross that bridge, so picking the actor to portray him will be a long-term commitment. Either way, he’s one of Marvel’s premier villain and one of their best characters, period. I’m going with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones fame for the role. By now we know Disney isn’t afraid of casting actors from Game of Thrones, so its a possibility. Hes ruggedly handsome like Victor, has experience playing characters you love to hate, and he’d have great chemistry with my pick for Reed Richards.

Namor McKenzie / Namor the Sub-Mariner: Daniel Henney








Seeing as the rights to Namor are coming along to the MCU with the Fantastic Four, and the fact that he often appears with them in the comics, I figured it would be appropriate to include him.  Namor is an extremely promising character, and I think he’d be a perfect addition to the MCU. I’d choose Daniel Henney for the role. He looks the part, hes very charismatic, and he lent the voice for the older brother in Disney’s Big Hero Six.


Those are my picks for the lead characters in the Fantastic Four family. I’m really excited about the deal disney has made and I can’t wait to see these characters on screen.

Stay Kind Geeks,

~ Wesley ~