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Winter is Coming…. Allison’s RWBY Volume 6 Trailer Analysis

Winter is coming, in every sense of the word, and the new trailer for RWBY Volume 6 — presumably the final volume in this second arc of Monty Oum’s visionary anime-inspired webseries — makes sure everyone who cares is well-aware of this … and well-hyped too.

If you came here looking for a frame-by-frame analysis of the footage, you’ll be disappointed; my glasses are in serious need of polishing. But if you’ll stick around (no, please don’t run away, please, noooo … sigh) I nevertheless have questions, comments, and theories abound.

First off:

Who is the old woman?

This is a new character for the volume, who looks to me like a cross between Maz Kenata and Mrs. Avatar Aang herself, Katara, from Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra?  In early shots of the trailer, Maz Katara can be seen riding on Yang’s unpowered bike, while the younger woman rolls it through the snow.


My initial thoughts were that she’s a relative of Weiss’s, perhaps a grandmother on Mrs. Schnee’s side, what with the white hair (I know, I know, that’s not fair because she’s old) and because of the blue outfit she’s wearing.  (See? I redeemed my theory.)

But what if she’s actually the Winter Maiden, the one Team QROWBYNJR (pronounced Qrowbinger — I cannot lie, the more I think about it, the more I like it) is heading to Atlas to protect?  That, in my mind, seems like a far-less superficial theory, and the most compelling considering the predicted subject matter of this final volume.


But then, who is this person?




Whomever they are, they seem … popular.

I am willing to bet that it’s Doctor Watts, though I’m told he doesn’t own a trench coat in his most recent character designs.

My friends theorize that this could be the new Winter Maiden, or that perhaps Ozcar isn’t the only one with the Wizard’s powers anymore.  What if the Wizard’s soul fragmented somewhere along the line, and there’s now two of him: one good, one evil, like that time in Star Trek when Captain Kirk’s transporter malfunctioned.


Is Summer Rose coming back?

This is the wildest and most unfounded theory yet.  But who else would share / be able to combine Ruby’s semblance of turning into a projectile of theme-appropriate color and zoom through the air?


Alternatively, that could be Weiss doing a WhiteRose team-up (the ‘ship names do correspond to the character team-up names); or that Maz Katara lady, if she’s the Winter Maiden, being helped along by Ruby because she’s old and infirm and can’t perform her cool Maiden power feats so easily anymore.

Either way, this train fight sequence looks like it’s going to be epic, no matter who’s involved.

Which leads me to my next point….


There’s a train fight!

I must admit, I enjoy these types of sequences.  Some of the most momentarily devastating things happen on them:

  • your buddy from childhood might fall to his “death” during one of these sequences, only to return as a brainwashed, metal-armed assassin who does strange things when you start naming miscellaneous objects in Russian….
  • you might bond with your new Wookiee sidekick friend and incur a life debt along the way…
  • you might take out an entire chapter of the White Fang on your way out of an abandoned city, meeting your estranged mom in the process….

The list goes on and on.

I’m looking forward to seeing this play out.  I’m not even sure who or whom they’re fighting, but it looks extremely cool.  The animation department just might step up their game for the fights this time around.  I can only hyope!


Some more general notes are:

It’s nice to see the team RWBY back together again. Volume Four’s opening credits teased the four girls standing together looking over a horizon, but this is the closest I’ve seen to it actually happening.


Tyrian’s back too, and creepy as ever, from what I can tell.  They’d only mentioned him by name in the previous volume; I figure he’d been sent to whatever Salem considers therapy, though I doubt it’s done him any good.


Furthermore, it looks like he’s been giving Emerald some trouble, but she’s not afraid to defend herself.  I have high hopes for Emerald, that she’ll realize that there’s nothing left for her with Salem’s faction now that Cinder’s gone.  (Either that, or Tyrian will create a hostile work environment and she’ll quit over that.)  I’m not sure about Mercury, but Emerald’s loyalties, as far as I can tell, were with the woman who saved her from a hard life on the streets; and now that this is no longer applicable, she just might be in the position to form an alliance with our heroes.

Additionally, it looks like there’s going to be actual onscreen bloodshed this time around, not just rose petals: the scene showing several dead White Fang members lying in pools of blood is cause for that concern.  The CRWBY warned that the show would get darker, but hey, as long as the subject matter doesn’t become as explicit as, say, Always Open, I’m not complaining.

“Don’t let anyone else die,” Ruby warns in the final scene.  Else…? o.O


Addendum: is this the beginning of the end?

Given the abrupt note on which RWBY Chibi‘s Season 3 ended, I am slightly worried that this volume will be the last one ever.  At present, Rooster Teeth is managing multiple animated webseries at once; and Gen:LOCK seems like it’s been the favored child in the RT Animation for the past couple of years.  In some ways, RWBY seems like it’s taken a back burner.

Monty Oum reportedly kept show notes going all the way to a future volume where Ruby Rose is a grown woman.  But considering how much harsh criticism the show and its production team have faced from ungrateful fans like me, after bravely daring to keep the show running at all after Mr. Oum’s untimely death, I wouldn’t be surprised if the CRWBY decided to throw in the towel.  I’d be disappointed, but deep down, I could understand this.

The ending, if they tried to pull one off, would be super-rushed, considering how little time generally passes in each volume.  So on the other hand, if the show were to wind down, I can see how it would take whole ‘nother arc just to set that in motion.  Perhaps a movie, like the Boku No / My Hero Academia or Serenity movies, would suffice.  But this is one lengthy addendum and I’d rather not be predicting RWBY‘s doom when we’ve got what looks like a beautiful new volume to which we can look and move forward.

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