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RWBY Recap: Volume 6, Episode 5 – Look Who’s Back!

This week’s episode marks the return of yet another fan-favorite character, whom we haven’t seen since the end of Volume 3.  She’s back, and she’s very angry at Cinder Fall for the death of her dear old Dum-Dum….

It really was nice seeing Neo Politan back in action.  What can I say?  Three ice cream flavors rolled into one adorable villainess is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.  I’m only a little sad to see that her glossy, tricolor hair doesn’t look quite as detailed with her Autodesk Maya render.  But she’s back, and that’s what matters.

Neo blames Cinder for the loss of Roman Torchwick in Volume 3, that much is apparent.  But like before, Neo cows at the sight of Maiden powers.  Anyone else remember how she retreated from her fight with Yang, despite having the upper hand, when a masked Raven portaled in?  So they agree to a truce, and a time to “talk.”  (Hahaha.)

The rest of the episode explores RWBY’s findings in the apparent ghost town, where they’ve chosen to wait out the worst of the winter storm.  There’s a delightful horror-film vibe to the ensuing scenes, which I enjoyed very much: it turns out that the village’s residents are all dead in their beds.  The causes of death (or is it cause of deaths?) remaining a mystery to our heroes … who are oh-so-noticeably succumbing to sudden exhaustion.

While Ruby and Weiss look for food in a village tavern, Yang and Blake go off to find transportation.  During this time, each of them get to have a heart-to-heart conversation about whatever it is that’s bothering them.  Yang still suffers from PTSD (I’m glad they’re not brushing that off), and she’s still hurt by Blake running away; Blake tries to reacquaint herself with Yang following the trauma, and is rebuffed; Ruby worries that Qrow is handling the stress badly, and Weiss really doesn’t want to go back to Atlas.

Meanwhile a mysterious life form watches from beneath a wine cellar….  I suspect that next week, the Big, Undefeatable Grimm will finally come out to play.  We just … have … to stay … yaaawn … awake until then.