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RWBY Recap – Volume 6, Episode 6 – The Eyes Have It

I don’t know anymore, you guys.  This reviewing thing….  It just doesn’t feel fun anymore.  RWBY is getting stupider and stupider with each passing volume, and watching it now feels like a chore.  I want to quit; there’s just no point to doing this, or anything really, anymore.  All I want to do these days is curl up into a little ball and sleep, because I’m just so, so exhausted….


Joking aside, it isn’t hard to not be apathetic about this week’s stunning episode of RWBY.  (Oops, I did it again.)  It is effectively a resolution to the whole “why is this sleepy little ghost town abandoned?” storyline, which is nice, because I’m glad it won’t be dragging out for the rest of the volume.  It was a neat little story-within-a-story, and I like that we’re getting more than one new Grimm per volume now.

In this episode, Ruby and friends survive the night in the sleepy little ghost town and prepare to leave in the morning.  (Heck, they even make it to the afternoon, because Drunkle Qrow slept through sunrise.)  Maria, however, starts to suspect something has gone awry as she reads the diary of the deceased homeowner….

By now, the exhaustion they feel isn’t the only negative emotion hitting the group hard.  Qrow drinks harder than usual, Yang’s Yangrier than before, and Ruby’s pushed to the point of wanting to just throw the genie lantern relic down a well because from her perspective, there’s simply no point in going on.  Failure is inevitable.

But something moves at the bottom of the well that jars the poor girl out of her reverie.  She drops the lantern in shock more than anything else, and the entire team RWBY goes down to investigate.  Meanwhile, Maria realizes just in time what’s down there.

These new Grimm, the Apathy, are particularly interesting because not only are they drawn to negative emotions, they generate them as well.  And when you’ve got an entire pack of them in the underground tunnels, no amount of sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, or a caboodle of cute little Zwei puppies can remedy the effects of their infernal screams.

Ruby tries to use her Silver Eyed Warrior powers to fend off the Apathy; it takes a pep talk from Maria Calavera for her to succeed.  Which finally confirms what I’ve been wondering for a few weeks now: who is Maria Calavera, really?  Why, she’s a Silver Eyed Warrior too … or, she was when she had functioning eyes.  (A while back in Volume Four, didn’t Tyrian speak about taking out Ruby’s eyes…? o.O  That poor, poor woman.)