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RWBY Recap: Volume 6, Episode 10 – …But Mechs!

If you’re getting tired of the Atlesian military outpost clowns, you won’t like this episode. If I’m projecting my own opinions on you, reader, I apologize as well.

Last week, Jaune had a plan. Sort of. Part of it involves Weiss, Jaune’s sister, and Maria delivering an Emmy-winning performance for Cordovan and her cartoony cohorts and commit Grand Theft Airship. Maria played all her assumed roles convincingly and comedically; I can’t say the same for the rest. :p

Another part of the plan involves Blake taking out the CCT tower, with Yang serving as the getaway driver. Seems these two are getting along well again, at least in this time of great need. Did their dissent in the ghost village stem from the Apathy, or was it simply amplified?

Meanwhile, the rest of the party waits by the coastline. Qrow is still pessimistic, which prompts yet another Speech(TM) from resident motivational speaker and cut-grownups-down-to-size-er, Ruby Rose.

Honestly, Ruby the Lecturer just doesn’t cut it for me. Only a few months ago, she was, frankly, a pipsqueak who laughed uncontrollably for uncomfortably long periods of time. Now we’ve got a pint-sized Peter Capaldi giving speeches every other episode. I imagine the writers are trying to transition her character into that of a true responsible leader, but the way she’s going about it ends up coming off as sophomoric. This isn’t how to be assertive. And if she’s going to tell off an adult for being stifling and overprotective, she’s really barking up the wrong tree with Uncle Qrow, the cool uncle!

Amidst all this dissent and discord, the team fails to notice that Blake hasn’t carried out her part of the mission until it’s too late. Turns out she’s gotten a little sidetracked … by none other than Adam Taurus.

Yup. Adam is real.

Or is he?

See, Yang has been having PTSD-induced hallucinations of Adam for the past couple of volumes. Every time she has these visions, he’s dressed in his Volume 3 costume — that’s what she remembers from the night he sliced her arm off.

An early PTSD-induced vision of Adam, seen while Yang recovers on Patch Island. (Volume 4)
On the train to Argus, though most footage in the opening montages should be taken as symbolism. (Volume 6)
Outside the mayor’s barn in the abandoned village (Volume 6)

This, on the other hand, is what Blake saw when she uncoupled the traincars headed to Argus during the Grimm attack:

Viewers were left wondering if this was actually Adam, and if so, why did he look so different? This episode confirms that Adam was, indeed, following Blake from Mistral to Argus. His outfit has been redesigned, yet he retains some form of eye-protection. (What does he have to hide, when he’s no longer part of the White Fang?)

This has been a guide to determining whether the Adam you see on your screen is real or imaginary.

Also, do you like Mechs? Rooster Teeth Animations likes Mechs. And they really, really want you to check out their new show about Mechs. Even Cordovan has one. And like her, it looks really stupid. But Mechs!

On that note: Who wants to see Gen:Lock recaps? Judging by the previews accompanying the past few episodes of RWBY, the show will have strong language and violence. Assuming that’s all it has in terms of mature content, I’m game to give it a try.