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What’s New With Inconceivable? Updates, Plus Episode 1 Of Season 3!

Inconceivable is back and better than ever before with the start of season 3 Episode 1! This episode talks about movies in 2018, specifically, the most disappointing, most surprising, and our favorite of the year. Plus we tease what we are most excited for in 2019.

As soon as you start the first episode of the season you’ll notice two immediate changes, first off the new set (its pretty epic if we do say so ourselves) and with that a 4th seat and a 4th person with it! S3 E1 is the first episode of Inconceivable with 4 people on at once and it was amazing. We can’t guarantee we will have 4 guests every episode, but we try to get 4 whenever possible.

The other major change to the show is its format. The old style of Inconceivable was 3 different topics at around 20 minutes a piece. These segments although fun was mostly improvised with not much extra research going into it. The type of topics were also all over the place. Some would be opinion segments, some would be news/updates, and some would be reviews. It was fun to have the show be whatever we felt like it should be week to week but as we are gaining more and more followers we want to build a more clear identity with the show. We are taking out the news and reviews parts and committing to just opinion style topics and having just one instead of 3 while focusing on making it a more educated and more invested conversation. These styles of episodes will come out every other week. but despite that, we are not reducing the amount of content. In addition to these bi-weekly episodes, we will be periodically releasing Spoiler-Cast episodes within the week of a release of said content we are reviewing. the first episode of the spoiler cast style show will be coming out very soon. Inconceivable will no longer be focused on any news/update type topics unless its apart of a larger opinion based conversation. Geek Kind is developing a new show to host these types of things in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

We are really proud of how this season is turning out already and we hope you enjoy listening!