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New Show! Cosplay Motion – Pilot Episode

Presenting Cosplay Motion hosted by professional cosplay crafter Cole W.
We are proud to bring you this new series that we are developing and as it’s our pilot episode we would really encourage everyone to leave feedback for us to incorporate into the series full launch later this year.

Cole brings us on an adventure as we dive into the meaning of the cosplay. What it took to make it a reality. Then shows it off in a cinematic cosplay music video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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[Video] Best RWBY season since Vol 3? Inconceivable! – Spoiler-Cast RWBY Vol 6. Review (S3 E2)

Inconceivable! A podcast by Geek Kind.

Join the Geek Kind crew as we discuss all types of geeky topics with friendly banter every other Monday and the occasional spoiler-cast of new movies and tv shows. Guaranteed an informative and entertaining show.

In our first episode of spoiler-cast, fresh off of the release of the final episode, we are reviewing RWBY Vol 6! Join William, Wesley, and Alex to find out what our thoughts are completely non-spoiler free

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[Video] Tickets Worth 3 Times The Cost? Coscast – 2018 Conventions review (S2 E1)

Coscast. A podcast by Geek Kind

The cosplay show by cosplayers for cosplayers. Monthly shows with cosplay tips and know-how, topical news information, and deep dives into possibly controversial conversation points with a fresh and fair outlook. Plus con reviews/recaps right after the convention.

We are back for Season 2! 2018 Cons verdict, New updates for Coscast, And a new cosplay related show? All this plus more on our seventh episode of Coscast!

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[Video] Avengers Infinity War Disappointing? Inconceivable! – 2018 Movies Review (S3 E1)

Inconceivable! A podcast by Geek Kind.

Join the Geek Kind crew as we discuss all types of geeky topics with friendly banter every other Monday and the occasional spoiler-cast of new movies and tv shows. Guaranteed an informative and entertaining show.

We take our picks for most disappointing, surprising and favorite movies of 2018 plus our most anticipated movie of 2019

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RWBY Recap: Volume 6, Episode 13 – Think Happy Thoughts

At long last, we’re given one parting glimpse into the machinations of Neo and Cinder. In the process, some insight is also gained into Neo’s semblance: her changeling abilities aren’t limited to herself. Right before Cinder’s eyes, she transforms a Mistralese airship into an Atlesian military-grade one — at least, on the outside. But that’s not the only thing she’s changed. Wherever they’re headed, this nefarious pair seems to think less is more in terms of fabric. Neo’s new costume design, while disappointingly objectifying in my opinion, incorporates elements of Roman Torchwick’s, right down to the feathered bowler hat. I’ll give them points for intention, even if the application is terrible.

Meanwhile, in Argus, the Grimm consequences Caroline Cordovan brought upon her community need addressing. There’s a gigantic Leviathan Grimm creeping towards the city, drawn to Cordovan’s negative emotions and Ruby’s lantern (which is suddenly important again). Too bad the only resource Argus had that was strong enough to defend its borders from gigantic Grimm attacks was just wasted, in nearly every sense of the word.

Yup, that’s what the mech was for.

Enter Ruby’s Silver Eyes power. If she can figure out how to summon it, she might be able to solve this latest ridiculously huge problem “her way.” After all, when there’s a gigantic Grimm terrorizing your city, when Ruby does things “her way,” nothing bad ever happens ever … in Chibi-Land. Yeah.

When you’re tasked with thinking happy thoughts to take out a Grimm, flying is easy. (Well, technically, it’s easy because Weiss is holding Ruby up with a Summoned flying wasp Grimm.) Getting her Silver Eyes to do their thing? That’s something else.

In her desperation, Ruby summons Jinn for the third time, though the clever genie catches on and lets our heroine off with a slap on the wrist. It’s unlikely this counts as a third and final question, but it gives Ruby just enough time to recover, calm herself down, and renew her efforts at enabling her power.

In the process, we’re treated to a beautiful montage of past scenes, some familiar and some not. Seeing them reinterpreted in Autodesk Maya is lovely in of itself, despite some of the depressing content. The very, very best part of this part is that we’re finally shown moving footage of Summer Rose, Ruby’s mother, as a grown woman. Seeing the stylistic similarities and differences between mother and daughter in a span of mere seconds is heartwarming, jaw-dropping, and … surely frustrating to all the amazing Summer Rose cosplayers I know who now have a lot of redesigning to do. Ultimately, one Allison Rose gets smashed right in the feelings, and Ruby finds her way to taking out the Grimm.

I still get goosebumps rewatching this moment, to be honest. Pardon me while I go watch it again, and revel in the aesthetic wonder that is the combination of dramatic timing and Casey Lee Williams’ singing.

Well, mostly. Cordovan cleans up the rest of the way in a very uncharacteristic bout of calmness. So while Cordovan steals some thunder, Ruby and company are free to resume their quest.

As Cordovan plots a course to Atlas, Qrow and Ruby share a tender moment, which in my mind, reinforces their blood tie. (And Blake and Yang share a totally tender moment in the back of the ship, which in my mind, reinforces their friendship. Yeah, I can hypocritically grasp at straws too, like the best of them.) And you can practically hear Qrow’s little Huntsman heart singing as Maria, his childhood heroine, offers him praise too. I will say, it’s nice to see how Ruby’s methods are rooted in Qrow’s, whose are, in turn, rooted in the Grimm Reaper’s.

Also, Oscar Pine is only fourteen. That means he’s too young for Ruby. Thank goodness.

Final thoughts: As an end to a story arc, this finale episode would be most dissatisfying. It’s clear to me now that the post-Beacon story doesn’t end in three parts like the last one, in part because of how it’s been written. (Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross deserve massive kudos for holding down the RWBY fort after Monty Oum’s passing, and despite my criticism of how they’ve handled things, I sympathize when they stagger under the huge responsibility that was suddenly placed on their shoulders four years ago. It’s been messy, but beautifully so.) We have a ways to go before this story ends, and I’m okay with that.

Volume 6 started out very fast-paced. Honestly, I was afraid that it would only get faster, to the point that RWBY would have its series finale by the end. But in classic Shawcross and Luna fashion, the plot grew stagnant. And I’m actually somewhat relieved about that. While our heroes spent the majority of this volume in Mistral proper, and way too many short episodes were devoted to the dumbest fight in the history of dumb fights, this volume ends on a note of Wait, there’s more! When we see Atlas, its militant center bordered by literal inferno, it’s in the episode’s final moments, but I’m glad we’re finally there.

I can’t wait for Volume 7, where we see our heroes undertake a lengthy journey on foot from an Atlesian docking bay to General Ironwood’s office!

P.S. Fly, my pretties! FLY!!!!

P.P.S. Do you think Caroline Cordovan would pass the Weller Test? Why, or why not?

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What’s New With Inconceivable? Updates, Plus Episode 1 Of Season 3!

Inconceivable is back and better than ever before with the start of season 3 Episode 1! This episode talks about movies in 2018, specifically, the most disappointing, most surprising, and our favorite of the year. Plus we tease what we are most excited for in 2019.

As soon as you start the first episode of the season you’ll notice two immediate changes, first off the new set (its pretty epic if we do say so ourselves) and with that a 4th seat and a 4th person with it! S3 E1 is the first episode of Inconceivable with 4 people on at once and it was amazing. We can’t guarantee we will have 4 guests every episode, but we try to get 4 whenever possible.

The other major change to the show is its format. The old style of Inconceivable was 3 different topics at around 20 minutes a piece. These segments although fun was mostly improvised with not much extra research going into it. The type of topics were also all over the place. Some would be opinion segments, some would be news/updates, and some would be reviews. It was fun to have the show be whatever we felt like it should be week to week but as we are gaining more and more followers we want to build a more clear identity with the show. We are taking out the news and reviews parts and committing to just opinion style topics and having just one instead of 3 while focusing on making it a more educated and more invested conversation. These styles of episodes will come out every other week. but despite that, we are not reducing the amount of content. In addition to these bi-weekly episodes, we will be periodically releasing Spoiler-Cast episodes within the week of a release of said content we are reviewing. the first episode of the spoiler cast style show will be coming out very soon. Inconceivable will no longer be focused on any news/update type topics unless its apart of a larger opinion based conversation. Geek Kind is developing a new show to host these types of things in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

We are really proud of how this season is turning out already and we hope you enjoy listening!

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RWBY Recap: Volume 6, Episode 12 – Darth Maul, Much?

Let me just say, I am monkey-fighting tired of this Monday to Friday fight between Cordovan and … everyone else. For the purposes of this review, I’m not going to give it another ounce of my attention. Suffice to say, as of this episode, it is over.

The most interesting part of this episode is the conclusion of the other fight: the one between Yang, Blake, and Adam Taurus.

It’s interesting to see how Adam tries to gaslight and manipulate his opponents, a bit like Spider-Man but … evil. And it’s all the more empowering to see how he fails so hard at it. From the way Adam taunts Yang and Blake, it sounds like he’s a reluctant Bumblebee shipper himself; he sees Blake’s defection to “the good guys” as though Blake dumped him for Yang.

“What does she even see in you?” he demands, infuriated.

I dunno, man. Friendship?

We’re also treated to an excellently choreographed two-on-one fight. Adam’s semblance is really at play here, now that we’ve been duly informed that it, like Yang’s, absorbs force and flings it back at attackers. Like Yang’s.

The episode concludes with a very Darth Maul-like sendoff for Adam. If you’ve kept up with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, you know how that goes. Calling it now.

While things are starting to look up for our heroes, with all the negative emotions emanating from Argus (and my living room couch) for the past three or four episodes, it appears the final battle of this volume involves the inevitably Grimm consequences.

In terms of pacing, I am becoming less impressed with this volume. It started out so strong. QROWBYNJR were going places, the plot was doing things, and … aw man, it was so good!

Now, how many fifteen-minute episodes were spent on this ridiculous mech fight, when we could be learning more about Neo, Cinder, and Malachite — or perhaps, learned more about Emerald’s inner conflict? And nu, where’s Winter? I’m getting “Jaundice” flashbacks, and not in a good way.

Next week’s episode, the season finale, had better be a lengthy one. Otherwise, I don’t know how they’ll manage to tie up all the loose ends of this volume — or the Post-Beacon story arc.